Your Summer Story Photo Challenge – Week One

Can I just tell you again how excited I am that you’re here! I can’t wait to see what you capture this summer.

OK, before we talk about HOW we’re going to photograph our summer, let’s brainstorm a wish list of ideas that we can try and capture. You’ve heard of bucket lists, right? We’re going to build one together.

How a Bucket List Works

Bucket lists are great for coming up with ways to connect with your family and finding activities that you and your children (or grandchildren) will enjoy doing together. It’s a visible source of inspiration that you can look to when the days get long or the kids are bored. 

The items on your list don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Keep it simple. Set realistic expectations and include seemingly ordinary things like ‘lie in the grass and look at the stars’ or ‘wear your pajamas all day’. Otherwise, the pressure to check off all of the things on your list will start to feel overwhelming. 

Let’s Build One!

Let’s start day dreaming, shall we? When you think of the summers you enjoyed as a kid, what were you doing? For me, it usually involved water. Going to the beach, the pool, maybe a slip and slide or running through a sprinkler. These are all fun memories to capture. And you can get pretty creative with them!

Some other things include going to the boardwalk, catching fireflies, riding bikes, eating s’mores. 

Beyond all of these big moments, think of some details about summer you’d like to capture. Toes in the sand. Sun tan lotion. Swim goggles. Freckles. A kite flying in the air. Sidewalk chalk. Swings. Melting ice cream. Sparklers. Sunglasses. All of these scream summer to me.  

Now It’s Your Turn

Ok friends, here’s your assignment for Week One – come up with 10 things to put on your bucket list. Remember – keep is simple. I’d love for you to share your list with me too! This way I can tailor some of the photo related lessons to specific memories you’re trying to capture. You can either hit reply and share your ideas or write them down on this handy dandy checklist I created for you.

Next week we’re going to talk about what it means to capture moments and how to tell stories with your photos. As always, please feel free to leave a comment and ask questions or just say hello! I love chatting with you. Oh and don’t forget to use the hashtag any time you post your summer photos. #mysummerstoryinphotos