your first two weeks

When people tell you,” it goes so fast,” I’d always rolls my eyes. It’s such a generic thing to say. Especially when you’re a new mom and you’re so sleep deprived and overwhelmed you’re almost wishing the days away. Then, all of a sudden, two weeks have gone by. Then it’s a month. And six months. And then you’re counting down to their first birthday. And even though I’ve had two other children, I forgot how quickly time passes.

Olivia’s first two weeks weren’t without a little drama. She was having so many tummy troubles and we finally decided to call the doctor. They told us to bring in a poopy diaper so that they could test for a milk allergy. My how things have changed. When my older two were little, they recommended soy formula and never asked about poop diapers. Now soy is a no no and all you need is a quick test to show there’s an allergy.

She tested positive and then the search was on for a formula that worked for her. We started with Nutramigen, but she would throw up. The worst part is the waiting. We were told to wait two weeks to make sure the other formula was out of her system, but when your brand new baby is uncomfortable, two weeks is an eternity.

I ended up switching to another formula on my own and probably set us back a week because that one was even worse. She threw up every single bottle.

Finally we settled on Elecare and that was the magic ingredient. Paired with Dr. Brown’s bottles, she was finally getting some relief. And so were we!

The day we found out Olivia had a milk allergy, she and I also had a photo shoot scheduled. I took my own pictures at the hospital, but I didn’t get in any of them so I booked a session with Bridget Laudien Photography. I love her natural, unposed style and she did such a fantastic job. I have to admit, I thought about canceling. I wasn’t feeling great and Liv was a fussy baby so I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. Bridget was so wonderful and easy to work with. I just kind of let her do her thing and it was awesome. And I got these amazing images that I will cherish forever!! Here are some of my faves.


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