Welcome to the new blog!

I’m so happy you’re here. In case you haven’t read the About Me page yet, let me share a little about who I am. My name is Stacy and I own Stacy Mae Photography in Morris County, NJ. My husband Anthony and I have been married for 16 years and we have two girls aged 14 and 10. We also have a pitbull mix that we rescued a few years ago named Lady and we absolutely adore her.

We are also adding a third baby to the bunch in March 2017! Yes, I know. It’s a big age gap, but we are excited to watch baby #3 grow up with two amazing big sisters. And I’m also happy to have some help!

The idea for this blog came about as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I knew I was going to be obsessed with photographing this baby and quickly decided to do a Project 365 to document her first year. A Project 365 is basically a photo a day for an entire year.

When I started thinking about how and where to share the images, I got the idea to create a blog that could also helps other moms learn how to take better pictures of their kids. It’s something I’m really passionate about. Life goes by so quickly and photographs are an important way to freeze time and bring us back to a moment in time that would otherwise be lost or forgotten.

About two years ago, I created a class called Click & Capture that I taught online as well as in person. The idea was to empower moms (or anyone really) to learn how to use their camera to document their children with confidence and creativity.

Once the class was over though, I struggled with figuring out a way to keep the momentum going. I created a FB group, but it was difficult to get people to participate and eventually my photography business needed my attention and I let things slide.

With a renewed sense of purpose and a clear goal in mind, I’m ready to jump back into teaching and helping other moms. The ultimate goal is to complete the Project 365 and share tips and tricks along the way. The blog will also feature monthly interviews with other professional photographers and mom bloggers who do a fabulous job of documenting their everyday. My hope is to also take you behind the scenes with me as I photograph my new little one and share editing tips too. If there is anything else you’d like me to cover, please don’t hesitate to email me at stacymaeandco@gmail.com.

For now, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and take a look around. I can’t wait to share this journey with you!





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