Olivia is still in that phase where she puts everything in her mouth so it’s hard to do fun crafts and activities with her, BUT that doesn’t stop me from trying. I just make sure my expectations are low!

I saw this idea on the blog Better As Us and loved the idea to cover the high chair in foil. Genius! This controls the mess and you can fit it to any high chair tray.

When I sat her down the first thing she tried to do was pull it up, but I quickly discouraged her and redirected her attention to the paint brushes. I squirted a few dollops of paint on a paper plate and showed her how to dip the brush in. Then, I held her hand and helped her put the paint on the pumpkin. Her favorite part was dipping the brush in the paint. I had to keep reminding her to put it on the pumpkin.

Overall, the activity lasted less than 10 minutes before she started painting her hands, face, and body. Still, we ended up with an adorable pumpkin to decorate the house.

Tips for Painting Pumpkins with your toddler

-Make sure everything is ready before you begin. Get out your paint, brushes, and some wipes for clean up.

-Make sure your little one is wearing a bib or onesie that you don’t care about getting dirty.

-Rotate the pumpkin for them so they are not paiting the same spot over and over.

Photo Tips for capturing fun activities with your kids

-Set your activity up in an area with lots of natural light.

-Make sure your little one is facing the light, especially if you’re using a smartphone to take pictures.

-Move around and capture a few different angles. Take a wide angle view and then get in close. Move in even closer for details of the brush, the pumpkin and their little hands.

-Don’t forget a photo of the finished product (like I did!)


I’m always looking for fun things to do with Olivia when we’re stuck indoors. Something that will hold her attention and isn’t too messy. She’s up at the crack of dawn so the days can feel pretty long.

Paint bags are a super simple activity and can help develop sensory skills too. The fun part is picking out all the pretty colors or just raiding the stash you may already have.


4 or 5 paint colors

a ziploc bag. the size is up to you. just make sure you can seal it tight.

duct tape

paintbrushes (optional)

how to make a paint bag

First of all, I made sure that everything was set up before I put Olivia in her high chair because she can get restless if she’s in there too long. I added a small amount of each paint color to the resealable bag and then used the duct tape to secure it to her high chair. Make sure you get out any air bubbles so there’s no chance the bag can pop and splatter paint everywhere.

That’s really all you need to do. She was very curious when I sat her down and started poking at the bag. I added a paintbrush and showed her how to ‘paint’. She seemed to like that too.

After a little while she was more interested in trying to get the tape up than she was in painting, but it gave me enough time to empty the dishwasher.

For a fun holiday themed variation, we tried this with wooden eggs for Easter and it worked great. Use the same steps, but less paint and you’ll need to cut open the bag when you’re done so that you can get the egg out without getting paint all over your hands. Actually you don’t even need the duct tape because you’ll want your toddler to hold the bag in their hands to let the paint swirl over the egg. We found our eggs at the Target Dollar Spot. I also added some silver glitter to make them sparkle!

Have fun!