Summer Story Challenge – Week Four

Welcome to Week 4 of Your Summer Story Photo Challenge! If you’re just joining us, thanks so much for signing up! You can catch up on our first few lessons by clicking below.

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Last week I asked you to take a summer portrait and I shared some ideas for simple summer props and things you should be thinking about before you take your photo. This week I want to explore how you can be more creative with your photos. One way that you can easily create more compelling photos is to change your perspective (we touched on this briefly last week). We get so used to standing in one spot, taking the same photo over and over again, and it gets kind of stale and boring. I’m guilty of it too! I have to remind myself to move around and capture more to the story. 

The next time you find yourself taking a photo, I want you to challenge yourself to try 5 different perspectives or angles.

Let’s play a game, shall we? I’m going to give you a summer scenario and then provide a few different ways to capture it that you might not have thought of.

Let’s say the memory you want to capture is a day at the beach.  
1. a wide shot of the beach
2. A close up of sandy skin or toes in the sand.
3. An overhead shot of kids building a sand castle or digging.
4. Get down really low and close to the water’s edge to capture the kids splashing.
5. Stand alongside them as they run in and out of the water.

Let’s try another one. Now we’re getting ice cream on a hot summer night
1. A close up of ice cream dripping down little hands.
2. A side view of your child licking their ice cream or the spoon.
3. Go outside of the ice cream shop and shoot through the window. Just be aware of your reflection!
4. Shoot from the side as the kids pick out their ice cream. Get little fingers pointing to their favorite flavor or kids on their tippy toes peeking at all the flavors. 
5. Shoot from up high and include little feet in the photo. 

Ok so now it’s your turn. What’s on your calendar this week? Is there a day that you can commit to practicing this lesson? I’d love to see what you capture. Please feel free to tag me on instagram @stacymaeandco or use the hasttag #mysummerstoryinphotos.