Star Wars Baby Inspiration

Choosing a name for your baby is so hard and I think it gets harder with each child. It’s gotta fit, you know what I mean? We wanted the girls input, but sometimes that made it harder because there were more choices to consider. We went back and forth a lot and finally settled on her first name, Olivia. As for her middle name, we wanted to have a little fun!

That’s where the Star Wars connection comes in. My husband has been dying to incorporate his love of the movies into this child’s life from the minute we found out I was pregnant. Lol! He actually went and bought the knit hat you see in the photo below on Etsy all by himself!

We thought about using Ray as her middle name and then Leia, but that was a little too obvious for me. I wanted it to be a subtle reference so we came up with Sky for Skywalker. I actually really love it!

We’re also going to add a few subtle Star Wars accents to her room (once it’s built!) Thankfully there are a ton of girly options when it comes to decor. My niece bought these for her at my baby sprinkle. And the itty bitty’s are from Hallmark.

Gotta have a few books in her collection as well.

And we couldn’t resist a few kitschy items for her wardrobe. I can’t find a link to the one we have, but here’s a similar one. We also have this one.

May the force be with you!


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