These monthly milestone photos haven’t exactly gone as planned each month. 🥴  I started using the letter-board and then switched to flowers. But I didn’t think ahead to the colder months so we went back… View Post

When she asked me if she could help me at ‘work’ I hesitated because I didn’t have a session scheduled. Still, I had been wanting to get pictures of Olivia swaddled in a knit unicorn… View Post

Choosing a name for your baby is so hard and I think it gets harder with each child. It’s gotta fit, you know what I mean? We wanted the girls input, but sometimes that made… View Post

When people tell you,” it goes so fast,” I’d always rolls my eyes. It’s such a generic thing to say. Especially when you’re a new mom and you’re so sleep deprived and overwhelmed you’re almost… View Post

If you’re just joining me for the first time, you’ll notice these posts are a little out of order. Miss Olivia Sky is currently 9 months old, but I’m going backwards to record all of… View Post