Olivia’s First Valentine’s Day

This is the last first holiday that Olivia will have. Oh my gosh! That just hit home. I can’t even believe it. Well, technically she wasn’t born yet on St. Patricks’ Day, but we’ll be flying to Disney on that day so I’m not counting it! She’ll be one next month already. A whole year. Ahhhh!!!

I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day extra special so I bought a few things for the girls. Nothing big, just a few small things to make them feel over-the-top loved. Here’s what I got.

Shopping for my older girls can be tough sometimes, but they do have a few things in common. Both love notebooks and journals and anything that has to do with lists. I picked up this bullet journal for my 15 year old and a new Wreck This Journal (not pictured) for my 11 year old. If you’ve got a tween, these are so fun! You’re given a whole bunch of prompts for things to write and draw that end up making a mess. Super fun!

The other thing my older two have in common is their love for chocolate and anything sweet. I picked up some strawberry and cookies and cream Pocky, a couple of heart shaped ring pops, and heart shaped lollipops from Five Below. I scooped up these cute socks from there too.

And finally, what teenage girl doesn’t love to paint their nails? I loved these two Essie colors for Valentine’s Day and these super cute printables from The Ever Co were the perfect way to package them up.

Olivia is a little harder at this age, but books are always an amazing gift. She loves to read. Plus, she loves animals so this one will be a winner for sure.

I didn’t want to do a stuffed animal because she has so many, but I couldn’t resist when I saw these. My family threw me a baby sprinkle that was donut themed so I HAD TO have these donut shaped Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy plushies from The Disney Store. And they came packaged in the cutest pink sprinkle box.

I didn’t get cards. Instead I printed out this template for a love letter from The Mama Notes. I love that it marks their age and leaves me room to write all the things I love about each of my girls. I made one for Olivia and hope to keep the tradition going every year.

And that’s all folks. If I have enough time in the morning, I’ll make them heart shaped pancakes too, but the idea is to let them know on Valentine’s Day and every day in between how loved and special they are.


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