Olivia’s first birthday party – floral farm animal theme

This weekend was Liv’s first birthday and we celebrated with a farm animal theme. I wanted to make it a little more girlie so I found these amazing animal prints from Etsy. I love them so much I think I am going to use them to decorate her room once it’s done!

We don’t have a big house, certainly not one for entertaining both sides of the family. Just our immediate family alone is around 40 people. Plus, on my husband’s side most of the kids are grown so parties are much more laid back and um … quiet. On my side, not so much! We have all the babies. So it’s way more rowdy and LOUD! It’s just easier to do two parties even though it ends up being more stressful and probably more expensive in the end.

Since the house isn’t too big, there’s not much to decorate, but I do like to make use of the shelves in the dining area as well as the kitchen counters whenever I can. We get a ton of light in this house so it always looks so pretty decorated.

I had printed a ton of pictures, but they didn’t end up coming in time so I just strung up whatever I could find of Olivia. This is the perfect time for a reminder to print your pictures!! This way you’ll never run in to a jam when you’re decorating! Lol.

I had seen a beautiful balloon garland on Pinterest and decided to use the colors as inspiration to make my own. It was actually super easy! Party City sells a tape that you can use to DIY. Amazon also has a ton of options. You just blow up the balloons yourself and pull the end through a hole in the tape. That’s it! I did have to re-do mine because I put them too close together at first and I couldn’t get it flat against the wall. So you may have to experiment a little, but it really is easy. I also stuck in a few eucalyptus branches where there were holes to fill it out a little.

My intention was to make an actual garland that would go around the big window in my kitchen, but we have a light that hangs down over the sink and it was just too hard to get it to work so I gave up and did the sides of the window.

I didn’t do much else for decoration aside from putting out some fun desserts. I had these amazing cookies made from 2 Sweet Cookies by Lori and Nicole. They were so darn cute I didn’t want anyone to eat them!

And lastly, I purchased this adorable Pin the Tail on the Lamb printable for the kids to play. I love that it matched the floral farm animal theme we had going on!


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