For the first interview in my Motherhood, Captured blog series, I want you to meet Alyson Owen. She’s a mom of two boys who does an amazing job of capturing her everyday life. Her Instagram caught my eye because she manages to include herself in those photos, which can be hard for us moms to do. Alyson graciously agreed to participate in this series so keep reading to find out her thoughts on what makes a great photo and why photos are important to her as a mom.

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What makes a great photo to you?

“What makes a great photo to me is not only the quality, lighting, perfect lines and coordinating colors, but that the actual moment is captured as well. We can try to envision a perfect photo in our head of how it should look, but some of my very favorite photos are the real life moments that I accidentally captured. The real memories we will remember. That is what makes a great photo.”

 What would you tell a mommy friend who was interested in taking better photos of her kids?

“I try to ONLY use natural light. Sometimes it’s hard because it’s a dreary, rainy day or night time, which means you are limited on when you can actually shoot. I try to catch them doing their cute little everyday moments that I never want to forget, and then quietly sneaking upon them and then snapping the photo. Those are the photos that I love the best..just them in the moment. Of course, I do love a good staged photo too, but lets be honest here: those staged photos of kids will put your stress level at its max! Try to capture the real and the raw and make the photo look beautiful.”

How do you include yourself in your photos? 

“I try to get in a few photos a week with my kids. I try to switch it up a bit and take an individual photo with each of my kids and also take one with all three of us together. I want them to remember that I was there too and I try to balance out getting in the photo with both of them. I always use the self timer to capture myself in the photos because my husband never takes them as I want them, and it always just ends up in a fight. So, the self timer has been the best thing for me.”

Why are photos important to you as a mom? 

“Photos are important to me as a mom because I want to look back and remember the little moments with my children and remember this stage of life. I don’t only want to have memories of the big events like easter, Christmas, birthdays, etc. I want to remember the everyday. The moments that make me so happy. Also, I think it’s sort of a therapeutic thing as a mom too. It is a new found hobby of mine and brings so much peace and joy to my life. It gives me a drive to create and to have fun creating and capturing beautiful moments of my children that I hope to look back upon someday and smile.”

 Do you think photography has changed the way you look at or feel about motherhood? 

“I believe photography definitely has changed the way I look at motherhood. When I capture the beautiful moments that I never want to forget, it helps me get through those really tough days as a mom. When I have a hard day, I get to look back on all the good moments and remember that the good definitely outweighs the bad times. I also feel like it makes me look for the everyday magic in childhood because I am always looking for those little details that I never want to forget rather than just surpassing it daily. These are the days and I never will forget them because I have plenty of photos to spare.”

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