July Favorites – toys and tattoos

August is finally here which means the Back to School push has already begun. I’ve even started thinking about holiday sessions for my photography business. Yes, you read that right. Christmas! Don’t act all surprised. I’m sure you’ve seen the pumpkins and fall decor in stores. Nevertheless we’ve still got 5 more week of summer sun to soak in.

Here are a few of my favorite finds in July.

Want to know how to get more done?

I loved this blog post from Allie Casazza about how you can motivate yourself to wake up early in the morning. It’s not the first time I’ve heard people attribute an early wake up call to being a happier and more productive mom. I set my alarm at 5:00 a.m. for 2 days this week to give it a try and turned right back over and fell asleep. Lol! I’m not giving up though. I’ll let you know how successful I am in a week or two.

Do your kids have a ton of toys?

I came across an instagram account called @literacyforlittles and there was a great post about toy rotation. If you’ve got a little one who has a room full of toys, but doesn’t play with them. Or is more interested in dumping baskets than playing with the toys inside (um, yes!) then toy rotation might be the answer. I’m going to give it a try! So the post claims that toy rotation encourages more independent play, increases attention and focus, simplifies and creates less clutter. What do you think?

Cute shop alert!

Construction is so close to being finished and I’m having so much fun decorating my bedroom and the baby’s. My favorite places to shop have been Target, Home Goods, and small shops online. I’ve been looking for the perfect piece of art to hang on the wall over Olivia’s crib and I’m counting the days until @huntandgathergoods opens their doors again. I also love @ohsweetskye.

And finally …

One thing I was really excited to get done in July was my 3rd tattoo. It’s my dad’s signature. I copied it from letters he used to write to my mom when he was stationed in Vietnam. I’ve been meaning to get it done for a while, but the timing was never right. An opportunity finally came up and I went for it. I LOVE looking down at my arm and seeing my dad’s handwriting.


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