It’s been a while …

Hello there, friend! It’s been a while since I’ve written. I started this blog as a way to document the first year of Olivia’s life and I was so excited to share it with my friends and family. What I wasn’t prepared for was how difficult the first few months were going to be. Physically and emotionally. Labor was hard. You can read about it in my last post. And my postpartum recovery took a really long time. I had swelling in my legs and feet for 4 months after she was born. I pulled a hamstring during delivery from the way that I was laying on one side from the epidural so sitting in certain positions was painful. I even ended up in physical therapy! I also have a tear in my elbow from falling over the summer.

If that wasn’t enough, Olivia has a milk allergy so she was not a happy camper for the few months. We tried a couple different formulas and finally settled on Elecare. We chose Dr. Brown’s bottles to help with gas and that seemed to be the magic combination.

Once we started to settle in to a routine, we were hit with the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and I think we’re still going through it. Lol! We also began construction on our home which disrupted things quite a bit. Needless to say it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. We’re heading in to the final stages on construction and there’s a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could say she’s sleeping better, but no such luck. She was sick for most of December with a cough that ended up turning in to an ear infection.

I don’t mean to complain for this entire post. All of this is just to say that it’s been a rough road and I wasn’t prepared for how it would impact my day to day. I expected to be able to write and edit during that sleepy newborn phase and it never happened. Olivia is 9 months old now and I feel like I can start getting back in to the swing of things.

So here’s how I’m going to try and catch up. I’m going to start from the beginning. I hope to update the last 9 months using pictures that I’ve been taking all along and then once I’m all caught up, I’ll get back to writing more regularly. Wish us luck! Here’s my happy girl today!


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