How to get away with decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Every year peopple make a big deal about stores putting out Christmas decorations out as soon as Halloween ends. I have to admit, I kind of love it. I would totally have my tree up the first week in November if my husband didn’t ask me to wait. He wants to enjoy Thanksgiving first, he says, but I just want to bake cookies and open presents.

Still, I want to respect his wishes so we don’t put the tree up until the day after Christmas. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t add subtle hints of Christmas into my daily routine once Halloween is over. If you’re like me and you simply can’t wait to start celebrating, here are a few simple ways to incorporate Christmas before turkey day.

Candles. The warm glow of a candle always reminds me of the Christmas season. And there are so many amazing scents that will transport you to the most magical season. I love this one from Candelles and keep it on my nightstand so that I can go to sleep with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

Music. Did you know that Hallmark has their own satellite music station? All Christmas music! I LOVE getting in the car in the morning to take the girls to school and listening to the classics. I also have a Spotify playlist of holiday hits. Christmas music just makes me smile.

Mugs. You can never have enough mugs in my opinion and Christmas mugs are like adding instant cheer. And it’s a low key way to create a festive atomosphere. If you’ve got a coffee bar at home, add in some Christmas mugs, marshmallows and hot cocoa and you’re ready to go caroling.

Trees. Ok I said no Christmas tree, but I didn’t say anything about bottle brush trees. And little ones can be mixed in with your regular decor without anyone noticing. Just hide the trail of glitter.

Twinkle lights. Ok so this one might get a little attention from the hubs, but I think he’ll like the romance that twinkle lights add to the house on those dark and dreary fall nights. And you can put them anywhere!

And then once you’ve had your fill of turkey and mashed potatoes you can bust out the rest of the decorations and watch Elf on repeat! Happy Holidays!


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