Decorating Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Getting all three girls in the frame has proved to be more difficult than I imagined. Someone is always missing. For now I’m going to take what I can get and just make sure it’s not too one sided. Jaime is always a willing participant (especially if there are cookies involved) so I need to make sure I get Julianna in front of the camera too.

Last weekend I tried to get Liv involved in decorating cookies for Valentine’s Day. And when I say involved, I really just mean keeping her from making a mess. I sat her on the kitchen table so she’d be in the shot, but it was tough because she wanted to touch everything. Finally I have her one of the undecorated cookies to try and that gave me a few minutes.

My best piece of advice when photographing wiggly babies, is to set your expectations really low. My goal was just to get them in the frame together. I didn’t really have a shot in mind. I was more curious how things would unfold so I sat back and watched.


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