Creating a Seasonal Book Nook + Best Halloween Books for Baby

Ever since we decided to add on to our home and I knew that Olivia would finally have her own room, I’ve been dreaming of creating a cozy spot where she could sit and read and enjoy some quiet time. Reading is so so important to develop literacy skills and it’s also a great way to bond with your little one. It’s one of my favorite things to do at night before bed and throughout the day. I even have a bunch of books stashed in my car!

I wasn’t quite sure where to start with creating a book nook, so I hopped on Instagram for some inspiration. I LOVE the idea of displaying books for every holiday/season so I started shopping for books that I knew Olivia would be interested in. She loves lift-the-flap books and anything that has a textural element to it. Here’s what I chose.

Top ShelfSesame Street Happy Halloween, Little Blue Truck’s Halloween, Nibbles the Book Monster, and Babies Love Halloween.

Middle ShelfWhere is Baby’s Pumpkin, Brave Little Camper Saves Halloween, Peek-a-Flap Boo, and Spooky House.

Bottom Shelf Peek-a-Boooo!, You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie, Where’s the Witch, and That’s Not My Monster.

Tips for Creating a Cozy Book Nook

-Pick a spot. The corner of a bedroom, playroom, or even the living room is a great place to start. I wanted Olivia’s book nook to be in her bedroom so all I had to do was pick the perfect corner. You don’t need a wall of shelves to create a book nook either. Fill a basket with books and stick it next to a rocking chair. Put a basket on your coffee table or your TV stand. Add some special throw pillows that are only for curling up with a book.

Make it comfy. Include soft things like blankets and pillows so that they’ll feel more inclined to snuggle up and read. Right now we have a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair, but I’m on the hunt for some fun floor pillows to put in the corner too.

Choose a way to display your books. This little corner in Olivia’s room was the perfect spot for these shelves from Target. They are great for photos or books because they won’t fall and you can clearly see each book. If you’ve got a little one like I do, make the shelves high enough so that they can’t pull down the books. As she grows, she’ll be tall enough to pull them down herself. You can also use baskets, bookcases, a wagon, wooden crates, etc. Get creative!

Decorate your book nook! This is the fun part! I can’t wait to do this for every holiday. For Halloween, I simply added some bats and a garland from Pearl and Jane. If you don’t have a whole lot of books to fill out your shelves, add some fun, framed artwork. I love these prints from Declaration & Co. or these from Sprinkle of Whimsy.

I hope this helps when it comes time to create a space for your little (or big) ones to kick back and read. I’d love to see what you come up with!


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