Blog Series: Unlock Your Creativity

Well hello there! Welcome to my first ever blog series. Over the next few days we’re going to talk about how you can unlock your creativity and improve your photography. All without even picking up a camera! Excited? Me too! Let’s get started.

Blog Series: Unlock Your Creativity. One simple exercise to improve your photography skills without ever picking up a camera.

Some people think that living a creative life means always being able to create beautiful art. Or write poetry. Or paint. To me, it simply means being curious. Being open to trying new things. Letting that playful, imaginative part of your brain take over for a little while.

I know a lot of people who think they aren’t creative. But it’s there. I promise. We’re all born with it. We just have to nurture it.

As moms, our creativity often gets buried under piles of laundry and dirty dishes. We get so busy with the day to day, that sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves. To do the things that bring us joy and fill our hearts. Things that have nothing to do with the kids and their needs.

Photography has brought creativity back into my life. When I pick up a camera, I get lost behind the lens. I think a lot of moms do. I love being able to freeze a moment in time and preserve memories that are special to me. I feel like a storyteller capturing the details of their childhood.

Photography is an amazing way to train your eyes to see the beauty in your everyday. 

It forces you to slow down and observe what’s going on around you. You start to notice things. Light. Shadows. Details. Emotion. As a mom, it can be really difficult to slow down though. There are so many things going on in your day to day, it’s hard to ignore the distractions and be present in the moment, but photography can help you do that. You can’t go back in time to create a photo, you have to be in the present.

So how can I be a better observer?

The first step is to practice. An easy way to do this is to find an object. For this exercise, grab your child’s favorite stuffed animal. Take a minute to just look at it and ask yourself these questions. How big is it? Is it old or new? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Now think about how you can answer those questions in a photograph.

You can also do this exercise with your children. You don’t have to spend the whole day with a pen and paper in your hand. Just give yourself 10-15 minutes. When the kids are eating breakfast. When they are doing homework. When the baby is napping. Whenever you have a few minutes of quiet to just sit and observe. Write down the things you see. Pay attention to details. Imagine you’re telling a story. What’s the scene? Who are the characters? Describe the details of each character? What is happening in the scene?

The more you do this, the easier it will get.

Don’t get discouraged if you have a hard time at first. Creativity comes and goes. Some days I can look at my daughter as she’s telling me a story in the front seat of the car and notice how the sun illuminates her curls. Other days I’m too distracted scrolling through Instagram. Give your self grace. Finding your creative voice takes time.

Failure is also a part of the creative process. I can take 100 photos and 99 of them are crap. I just push myself to keep trying. And learning. That’s one of the reasons I’m determined to complete a Project 365. It’s important to keep going to discover your voice. Tell your story the way you want it to be told.

Over the next few days, I want you to take a few minutes to sit back and really observe. Make it a priority to slow down and write down what you see. I’ve even created a worksheet for you to fill out with some inspiration to get you started.

Click here to download the worksheet.

Free worksheet to unlock your creativity. One simple exercise to help you become a better photographer without ever having to pick up a camera.






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