3 Must Have Photos of Your Newborn in the Hospital

Still counting down the days until baby girl arrives! We’ve got less than two weeks and I find myself dreaming about what she’ll look like and how my older two will interact with her. Eeeek! I can’t wait!

Another thing I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is how I am going to document this new baby. When my first was born almost 15 years ago, there were no iPhones or digital cameras. I never even thought about bringing my camera to the hospital. Fast forward more than a decade and Fresh 48 sessions are on the rise along with Documentary Birth Photography. And I totally get why. Those first few days of a newborn’s life are truly extraordinary. You’re completely exhausted, but so totally energized by the experience of bringing new life into the world. You think you’re going to remember everything, but inevitably the details will fade as the weeks fly by.

It makes me so sad to not have those memories with my first two so I am making it a priority to capture everything this time around. I know I am not going to be able to capture it all, but I’ve made a list of must have photos in the hospital. Here’s what I’m hoping to get.

Meeting her sisters for the first time. I mean, could there be anything sweeter than that? This is definitely a must-have for me, but it may not actually happen in the hospital for us. The hospital I am delivering at currently has a ban on visitors under the age of 16 because of the flu. Fingers crossed it gets lifted before we are admitted, but if not, I will have my camera ready  to capture the shot at home. I feel like my heart might explode seeing my two big girls welcome their new baby sister into the family. They have been wishing for her for years and I know they are going to make the most amazing big sisters. And I am looking forward to watching their relationships blossom!

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In the bassinet. Every hospital seems to have those same powder blue and pink blankets and I love the way a newborn baby looks all wrapped up in the bassinet. I plan to roll that sucker over to a big window and take as many different angles as I can. My favorite shot is from directly over head because that’ll be my view while I swoon over her tiny features.

Image credit www.ashleekay.com

All the details. These are my favorite shots. They are the storytelling images I like to have because they are the ones that are the easiest to forget. Things like that little card the hospital provides with all of baby’s stats. Baby’s umbilical cord. The hospital bracelet. Their tiny toes. Footprints. Their fuzzy hair. Baby yawns.

Image credit www.alexmorrisdesign.com

As long as I can come away with these images of her first 48 hours, then I’ll be a happy mama. Even if I have to hand the camera over to my husband or grab my iPhone, as long as they are recorded, that’s all that matters.

If you’re interested in learning more about photography and following along on my journey to document baby’s first year, check out my private online community.


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  1. March 21, 2018 / 2:00 am

    Nice post. I remember thinking all that before both babies

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